Eco-Electric Catamarans By Sunreef Yachts – Interview

The Sunreef 60 “E” is the second Eco catamaran launched by Sunreef Yachts. With more eco developments planned in the foreseeable future, Nicolas Lapp, R&D Director at Sunreef Yachts says: “The Sunreef 60 “E” yacht features a revolutionary all-carbon fibre bimini with in-built curved solar panels generating 4.5 kW. Carbon fibre is also used for the mast and boom, textile rigging and titanium railings reduce the weight. The Sunreef 60 “E” concept incorporates sustainable materials: reclaimed teak for the floors, compressed paper for countertops, as well as recyclable sails. No plastic bottles are allowed on board, freshwater being supplied from a state-of-the-art watermaker and modern filtering system. With our Eco yachts, we respond to increasing demand for green solutions. We are happy to introduce trend-setting, environmentally friendly crafts such as Eco-yacht “E”. The demand that we observe is high and we are responding to it – soon we will be launching a new website with a new logo for our eco-friendly range of catamarans. Stay tuned!“


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Helm station on the electric, solar-powered catamaran Sunreef Yachts Eco.

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