Energy Efficient


Sunreef Yachts electric catamarans are perfectly adapted to electric motoring thanks to advanced computer simulation. The shipyard runs realistic simulation scenarios to adjust the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of every model’s hull. High-performing simulation enables engineers to optimize hulls for more energy efficiency, seaworthiness and performance in various sea conditions. To maximize the effects of hull optimizing, a slick, sustainable bottom paint can be applied for even more efficiency and reduced drag.


Weight optimization is crucial for every electric catamaran. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans can be built using light carbon fiber to reduce the overall yacht weight and increase the energy efficiency. Carbon is used for masts, booms and structural reinforcements. The lithium battery banks on board are light and smartly placed to minimize the impact on the yachts’ movement at sea. The in-house built solar panels installed are the world’s lightest solar power system.


To reduce the energy consumption on board, Sunreef Yachts electric catamaran range features carefully insulated interiors. Thanks to sustainable insulation materials, all the yacht’s interior living spaces maintain stable temperatures, retaining heat and cold equally well. The smart air-conditioning system is battery-powered, allowing for all-night silent operation.


Smart energy management is essential on board an electric catamaran. To be able to maintain all house loads and air-conditioning throughout the day with only a minimum use of the generator, a yacht needs to find the perfect balance of energy production and consumption. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans achieve that thanks to smart engineering and ultra-efficient lithium battery packs. The yacht’s batteries are not only highly-efficient, but can also be easily recharged across the globe in varying voltage ranges. A special eco-mode is also being developed by the shipyard’s R&D department for even less energy consumption.


Fresh water generation is essential for sustainable cruising. Thanks to highly-efficient watermakers and an advanced purification system, Sunreef Yachts’ electric catamarans can enjoy unlimited access to fresh water. That way, the use of plastic bottles on board is reduced to the absolute minimum. The yacht’s boiler can be heated with the help of heat obtained from solar panels or an inverter-powered heater. A rain collection system allows to save water for washing the deck.

Sunreef yachts Eco range