The Sunreef Yachts Eco are pioneering crafts leading the way in responsible boating by offering unique technology.

With a 360° approach

to eco cruising, they offer cutting-edge electric propulsion, naturally-sourced sustainable materials, smart energy management and new technologies including a patent-pending solar skin produced in-house.

Green Propulsion for Eco Catamarans

Green Propulsion for Eco Catamarans

Renewable Energy on Yachts

Renewable Energy on Yachts

Energy Efficiency on Yachts

Energy Efficiency on Yachts

Sustainable Finishing Materials

Sustainable Finishing Materials

Equipped with the world’s first and only composite-integrated solar panel system and using the industry’s lightest batteries, the Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans provide the best of autonomy and energy efficiency for environmentally-conscious luxury cruising.

The Sunreef Yachts Eco harvest power from the sun more efficiently than most solar catamarans. First in the world In-house pattented designed and manufactured by the shipyard, Sunreef Yachts’ solar panels are fully-integrated with the composite bodywork, vastly increasing the amount of solar power generated.


Sunreef Yachts Sunreef Yachts


Silence & Comfort

No fumes, no vibration. Complete silence is the utmost of luxury on board

Maintenance Free

Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans harness, store and use clean energy with green technologies that require little to no maintenance

No CO2 Emissions

Enjoy unlimited range and massive fuel savings with zero to minimal Co2 emissions


Leave no trace. Navigate in silence, generate power and fresh water without pollution

Green Luxury

Experience designer aesthetics and environmental sustainability together with endless options for customization


Green Propulsion for Eco Catamarans

Nico Rosberg

brand ambassador since: July 2020

Sustainability entrepreneur and Formula 1® World Champion. Proud owner of the sailing Sunreef 80 and ambassador of the Sunreef Yachts Eco line of sustainable luxury yachts.

Green Propulsion for Eco Catamarans

Fernando Alonso

brand ambassador since: September 2021

Two-time Formula 1® World Champion Fernando Alonso commissioned a custom 60 Sunreef Power Eco catamaran with Sunreef Yachts.

Green Propulsion for Eco Catamarans

Mike Horn

brand ambassador since: June 2022

An unstoppable and passionate adventurer, Mike Horn has accomplished a series of groundbreaking expeditions including a legendary solo journey around the equator without motorized transport.

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