How Do Hybrid Yachts Work?

Driven by an increasing number of eco-conscious yacht owners, yacht designers, and shipyards that envision a more carbon neutral future, hybrid yachts are entering the forefront of yachting. Powered by hybrid propulsion utilizing both diesel and electric power, they combine the best of two worlds. Hybrid yachts not only reduce emissions, but improve on range, performance, and comfort on board.


Hybrid yachts combine the benefits of diesel engines and electric motors. Capable of operating in a range of cruising modes, they can shift between electric and diesel mode. Hybrid boats can be configured to achieve different goals to suit an owner’s taste, such as better fuel efficiency or more power and cruising range. In electric mode, a hybrid propulsion system allows for smooth and silent running, completely emission-free at low speeds, as well as excellent maneuverability. This can be ideal for overnight travel or while looking for a peaceful day anchored at sea or moored at a marina. On the other hand, in diesel mode a traditional propulsion system can deliver more power allowing a hybrid boat to travel further distances and arrive at its destination sooner. While under way, the heat engines generate power to recharge the batteries. At anchor, diesel engines can also be used for ultra efficient and fast battery charging.
Using the two methods of propulsion in harmony, an owner can swiftly power out to a remote secluded location for the day and then switch to electric mode for a serene and relaxing evening. Or, extend the range to allow the owner and guests to reach an even more remote location without the need to refuel. Custom tailored to an owner’s specifications, Sunreef Yachts’ hybrid yachts offer a practical solution for both the eco-conscious and adventure seeking owners that plan for ocean crossings or want to travel to some of the most remote places on Earth.