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Natural fiber composites are composite materials using fibers derived from renewable and carbon dioxide neutral resources. Apart from their environmentally responsible sourcing and production process, they offer outstanding physical properties noticed and appreciated by various industries including the automotive, aerospace and railway sectors. They are currently used in the manufacturing of car interiors and structural parts, sports gear, convenience goods, furniture, packaging or audio gear. Taking interest in green, lightweight and solid alternative natural materials for boat building, Sunreef Yachts Eco incorporates flax and basalt-based composites in yacht manufacturing. In the near future, flax fiber yachts and basalt fiber yachts will emerge as a viable solution for sustainable boating.


Linen fiber is obtained from a natural and renewable source and is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. Flax is a very water-efficient plant. The process of turning it into fiber not only has a minimal CO2 footprint, but also produces no waste. Just as basalt fiber, flax fiber offers great energy savings in production and is a non-toxic alternative to glass fiber.

Its unique properties include high vibration (and sound) absorption (higher than carbon and glass fiber), weight efficiency and good thermal isolation (better than carbon fiber). Flax fiber yachts can not only be a viable alternative to glass fiber crafts, but can also outperform them in many ways.


Basalt fiber is a natural fiber obtained from volcanic rock. Formed from the rapid cooling of magma, the hard and dense basalt rock is characterized by unique physical properties. The process of transforming it into fiber involves no toxic acids and leaves no CO2 footprint. Basalt fiber production relies on the use of the world’s most common rock type and presents massive energy and water savings as opposed to glass fiber production.

The mechanical and physical properties of basalt fiber include extreme heat resistance (a noncombustible natural material, basalt fiber is used in industrial textiles), mechanical resistance (it is more solid than glass fiber) and thermal isolation potential: (it can be used in a very large temperature range: -260°C to +1200° C). Basalt fiber yachts are an emerging trend in yacht design and could be a breakthrough in sustainable boating.


Both flax and basalt are natural materials with an outstanding potential in the realm of composite production. Thanks to these sustainable materials, basalt fiber and flax fiber yachts manufacturing can rely on renewable resources, cut down greenhouse gases’ emissions, save energy and provide for a safer, non-toxic work environment. Basalt and flax-based green composites are used in the manufacturing process of Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans. They can be used in the production of hulls, superstructures and yacht furniture. With the recent developments, Sunreef Yachts is now able to fully integrate solar panels with bio-sourced composites.

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