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With water being one of our most precious resources, eco yacht owners can take a few simple steps to make a big impact towards water conservation. From yacht watermakers and purifiers to rain collection systems and easy to implement daily yachting lifestyle changes, there are many ways to effectively save water without any compromise to comfort.


One of the most requested solutions of any eco yacht is the capability to produce fresh water. An essential feature, a yacht watermaker can efficiently purify seawater into clean drinkable water through the process of reverse osmosis, thus eliminating the need to store a supply of bottled water. Not only does a yacht water maker cut down on plastic waste to a minimum, but it also promotes self-sufficiency.


Depending on individual requirements, a rain water collection system can be installed on an eco yacht to collect water for many uses such as cleaning the deck or rinsing the yacht’s water toys. One of the simplest and oldest methods of harvesting water, collecting rainwater sustains and conserves at the same time.


The easiest and most effective method yacht owners can save water onboard is through simple lifestyle changes. Rather than using bottled water in plastic containers that are not eco-friendly, opt for reusable insulated bottles or glasses that can be refilled with recycled water. Being mindful of water usage during showers is also helpful as well as reusing towels, which can significantly reduce the amount of water used for laundry.

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