Sunreef 60 Eco

The Sunreef 60 Eco offers electric propulsion and smart energy management systems, for a silent, vibration-free cruising experience and a responsible approach towards nature. The Sunreef 60 Eco provides reliable performance under sail and allows for many hours of silent motoring.

The catamaran’s innovative battery bank can power all the house appliances for over 24 hours, along with the air-conditioning. In-house designed and produced by Sunreef Yachts, the solar panels can be mounted on almost any surface of the Sunreef 60 Eco, including the hulls, superstructure and mast. Fresh water is generated on board thanks to hi-tech water makers and a purification system. Sustainable finishing options available include reclaimed teak or cork-based decking, natural alternatives to leather as well as basalt and linen-based furniture modules.



Electric engines

2 x 75 kW

Lithium battery bank

160 kWh - 700 VDC

Solar panels

4,5 kWp up to 17 kWp

Backup diesel generator

2 x 700 VDC - 70kW


112 m² Dfi laminate


81 m² Dfi laminate


33 m² Dfi laminate


185 m² Stormlite

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