Sustainable Materials


A truly sustainable yacht uses naturally-sourced materials. Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans can feature basalt and linen-based structures. Both materials are used in the production of hulls, superstructures and yacht furniture. A hard, dense rock of volcanic origin, basalt is the base ingredient for sustainable yacht manufacturing.

Basalt fiber not only outperforms glass fiber in terms of strength but is also much more environmentally safer to produce as no greenhouse gases are released during its fabrication process. Basalt presents no toxic reaction with air or water. It is also a noncombustible and explosion proof material. Another natural component used in the building process is linen fiber. Produced from flax, the strongest and stiffest natural fiber, it is non-toxic, safe to produce and has a minimal carbon footprint. The outstanding mechanical properties and toughness of linen fiber make it a perfect green alternative for glass fiber.

sustainable yacht design

Sustainable yacht décor uses fine eco-responsible materials without any compromise on luxury. Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans reduce the use of animal skins by offering a variety of natural fabrics and alternatives to genuine leather. Interior floors can feature advanced hardwood flooring systems or reclaimed teak, salvaged from old houses, boats or other wooden structures. Compressed paper-based materials can be used for countertops to obtain weight-efficient, solid and practical surfaces. This innovative solution not only provides for a luxury finish, but is also very easy to repair, as scratches can be quickly removed by applying heat.


Sourcing green materials for yacht and superyacht decks has nowadays become an important challenge for the shipbuilding industry. Sustainable yacht decking solutions on Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans include ethically-sourced teak or cork-based decking as a green and fully-recyclable alternative to traditional teak. Other options include the use of reusable and recyclable non pvc-based synthetic teak.


Sunreef Yachts Eco Catamarans offer fully-recyclable sails pairing great performance and a responsible approach to the environment.

Recycled sailcloth gains a second life, turning into durable bags and accessories.


Non-toxic, silicon-based bottom paints provide efficient protection against marine growth while offering a very low surface roughness. Slick, impermeable and highly durable, they significantly reduce drag, which leads to increased performance and the energy efficiency every sustainable yacht should be aiming for.

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